Unacceptable Behaviour Policy

Last updated: Tuesday, 11th September 2018

East Kilbride FC has a duty to ensure that its players, officials, supporters andany other person connected with the club do not engage in any conduct deemedunacceptable under these rules. This applies both on the occasion of an officialmatch at our home stadium or at official away matches played by the Club.

The definition of unacceptable conduct covers conduct which is violent and/ordisorderly.

Violent conduct includes:-

  1. actual, attempted or threatened violence against a person or persons.
  2. intentional damage to property.

Disorderly conduct includes:-

  1. conduct which is designed to stir up or sustain hatred or ill will against agroup of persons based on their membership or presumed membership of thefollowing categories of defined groups:-
    • sexual orientation or transgender identity
    • colour, race, nationality or ethnic or national group.
    • membership of a religious group or a group with a perceived religiousaffiliation.
    • disability
  2. the use of threatening, abusive or insulting words
  3. the display of written or other visual display which is threatening, abusive orinsulting.
  4. the throwing of any object on to pitch or use of flammable material.

East Kilbride FC accepts its responsibility under these rules and will not tolerateany behaviour deemed unacceptable in these rules.

Any East Kilbride FC, employee or other person connected with the Club who engages in such behaviour will be dealt with under the Club’s internal disciplinary procedures.

Any supporter who engages in such behaviour will be liable for sanctions imposed by the Club which could include expulsion from the ground, withdrawal of season ticket, exclusion from future matches or in the event of serious and/or persistent offending, an application being made towards obtaining a football banning order.

K Park Rules

East Kilbride FC will promote and support these rules at all times:

K-Park Rules
K-Park Rules

Disciplinary Procedures

The Club has a strict code of conduct for players, coaches and supporters for allteams. The process is enclosed as a stand alone document. Several individualshave been cited and due process followed. The details are of course confidentialbut the following outcomes have occurred:-

  1. Verbal followed by written warning.
  2. Temporary suspension from Club
  3. Time bound suspensions from the Club
  4. Dismissal from the Club.

Dave McKenna, Secretary at East Kilbride FC 

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