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RAER Whisky

East Kilbride

ABOUT RAER [rare] adjective

Our family business was born of a shared love of our national drink and our passion to support our father's dream of forging a community around whisky. With community and quality at the heart of everything we do, we take great pride in producing our RAER spirit and believe it is a heritage we should all treasure. This is not about us, it's about you, and we'd love you to share your RAER moments with us using #raermoment

RAER can be enjoyed not just by avid whisky drinkers, but by those who wouldn't necessarily reach for a whisky first. We all have our own individual tastes, so drink it your way, whether that be straight, with your eyes closed and mind open or in a beautiful cocktail, don't be afraid to mix it up! If you need some inspiration why not have a browse through our recommended RAER cocktails!

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