Supporter messages from Government & SFA

(issued by the Scottish Executive and SFA)

"You will be aware that new cases in Scotland have more than doubled during the last week. This is one of the sharpest rises we have seen during the pandemic.

We always knew that cases were likely to rise as restrictions eased. However, the scale of the increase is of real concern. While the vaccination has significantly weakened the link between new cases and serious health harms
[ please do continue to encourage supporters to get both doses when offered], it has not been completely broken. We cannot rule out having to re-impose some restrictions.

1.Do not attend a match if you any symptoms.

2. Take a precautionary Lateral Flow Test before arrival at the stadium. [ available free]

3. Ensure that mandatory regulations are followed when travelling to and from the stadium (car, train, supporters' buses etc) with particularly attention to the wearing of face coverings.

4. Keep a safe distance when entering and exiting the stadium.

5. Where possible,keep a distance between you and other supporters when seated in the stadium."

Scottish Government and Scottish Football Association.

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