"Jersey boys" enjoy Kilby Reserve experience

  • PDA Soccer players from New Jersey train at K-Park
  • Four talented US youngsters train with Reserves prior to SPFL Premiership trial

Four young American players swapped Central Park for K-Park on Thursday night, joining the Kilby Reserve squad for a full training session, ahead of a training period with an SPFL Premiership side next week.

PDA Soccer players, Marcus Brenes, Kyle Linhares, Nigel Griffith and Dominic DeAlmeida, accompanied by coach Roberto Brenes, have made the trip from New Jersey to sample some SPFL activity next week and got a head start with an excellent Reserve session at K-Park last night.

Delighted to welcome the talented players into the session, EK Reserve team Manager Graeme Mullin commented,"It was great to have the young American lads in with us on Thursday night. Their obvious ability, energy and enthusiasm really added to our session and hopefully it helped to prepare them for their sessions in the SPFL. They also got some exposure to the broad "Scottish accents" and Scottish humour from Ally Graham, which should give them a head start for next week! They are a great group of lads and it was a pleasure to have them at K-Park, we wish them the very best of luck"

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