Our History

The original Club was founded in 1871, making it one of the oldest Clubs in Scotland, for example Rangers FC were founded in 1873 and Celtic FC in 1888. The first office bearers included the quaintly titled Croupier, which we would recognise as Treasurer. The first recorded match was in April ,1872, when EKFC lost to Queens Park FC second eleven by 1 – 0, drawing 0-0 in a second match later that year.. During the 1870s the Club folded/ restarted several times as was usual at the time. Evidence from the SFA Museum of Football confirms the original club colours to be navy and gold. The 1876 team played at Kirktonholme, winning 3, losing 9 and drawing 3 games. The 1877 team played at Shaw park and had a better season, playing 18 games, winning 6, losing 6 and drawing 6. The club played in some of the earliest Scottish Cup competitions in seasons 1878/9 and 1879/80, going out in the first round in both seasons.

The original club did not have a badge, again as was the custom at the time. Club badges were the exception, such as the lion rampant used by Queens Park FC, used on the jerseys of the Scotland players in the first ever international vs England in 1872. The badge for the new club features the oystercatcher bird and also the colour red, symbols of St Bridgit, after whom East Kilbride is named, cill being the Gaelic word for a religious cell, which was the common form of ancient Celtic religious organisation, thus Kilbride being the religious cell associated with St Bridgit/St Bride. East to distinguish from West Kilbride in Ayrshire.

The modern club was as a result of the coming together of Stewartfield FC and Jackton BC in 2010 , with other local teams joining during 2011 and 2012 all now playing under the name of East Kilbride FC. The club motto is “a priory “ or "based on what went before", as a reminder of  the original club , the two founding modern clubs and  the more recent teams which have joined. 

The club ethos is one of developing the children as people as well as players. In Summer of 2009 the club achieved the SFA Quality Mark Standard Award as testimony to the high standards within all aspects of the club. This was followed by Development Club Award in 2011 and Community Club Award in 2012. Also in 2012 the Disability Inclusive Award and in 2013 the SFA Disability Club Award.

 In April 2014 the Club became Full Members of the SFA, achieving Entry Level Licence.

Our 1st Team was created and entered the Scottish Lowland Football League in 2013, and we have been crowned champions on two occasions, in 2017 and 2019.  We have twice qualified for the SPFL Pyrmaid play-off’s.

We have also participated in the full Scottish Cup, and progressed to the last 16 of the competition in 2016, where we faced Celtic in our biggest game to date.  Our SFA License allows us to partcipate in the Scottish Cup each year.

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