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Review Procedure

Review of the management of concerns procedure

1. Planning the review

Set out the remit, aim and purpose of carrying out the review. The Child Wellbeing and Protection Officer should help identify a person to carry out the review and in some circumstances, this may be appropriate to have an independent person. In this case, confidentiality must be maintained. Agree a timescale and format for completing the review.

2. Establish the facts of the case, a chronology of events and the roles of individuals and organisations involved.

Set out the actual sequence of events to help to understand what happened, when, and who was involved.

3. Identify any issues or key questions relating to the aims of the review.

Having established the sequence of events the reviewer should then be able to answer the questions contained in the specific remit of the review.

If the reviewer considers that a child may still be at risk despite action taken during the case or as a result of East Kilbride FC failure to take appropriate action, they should be prepared to act. Any urgent issues should be addressed immediately without waiting for the conclusion of the review.

4. Identify any other relevant points or observations and complete review.

The reviewer may identify issues which are worth exploring further. These may include:


  • Were the relevant procedures followed?
  • If not, is there a reasonable explanation for this?
  • Were the timescales appropriate?
  • Do the current procedures provide adequate information about what to do in such a situation?
  • If appropriate, was a referral made to Disclosure Scotland as required by the Protection of Vulnerable Groups (Scotland) Act 2007?
  • CYP 2014 Information Sharing to named person?


  • Were the right people involved?
  • Were the views of the child/family obtained?
  • Were those involved aware of the procedures?
  • Had the people involved been trained on the procedures?
  • Where appropriate, were external organisations involved; for example, the police or social work?


  • Was the outcome appropriate in the case?
  • If not, why not?
  • Is there a need to take further action in this case; for example, referring the case to police/social work?


  • Were records kept?
  • Is the quality of the information recorded satisfactory?
  • Can the forms be improved?

5. Respond to anything identified within the review.

On completion of the review, and learning, training needs or update to policy and procedures must be addressed and responded to within an agreed timescale. Where appropriate, outcomes of the review should then be shared for wider learning or specific improvements to particular activities.

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